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What is a prototype?

What is a prototype?

1)Importance: The prototype is an important parameter basis before making the molds, which can be converted into 3D data. (We make the prototype with the modern high-speed processing center, which is high precision)

2) The scale of prototype:Normally, the scale of the prototype is the same as the final model.

3)The raw material of prototype:Normally, the prototype is made of ABS materials (The characteristics of the ABS plastic: High smoothness, easy processing, easy polishing, the surface does not need any processing, keep the natural color.) without spraying color. 

4)Function:  The Prototype is mainly used to check the shape, product function, parts distribution and structure design rationality after the real car is scaled to a model car.

5)  Adjustments: If any structural changes are required during the development process, it is best to do so before the prototype is confirmed. Once the project moves to the tooling stage, it will be difficult to make changes and adjustments. Because the mold is made of steel film, once formed, it is very difficult to change.