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How to make a mold?

Mold making is an essential part of the manufacturing process for the diecast scale models. A mold is a tool that is used to shape the raw material into a specific form or shape. Here is an overview of the mold making process.

Design the mold:

The first step in mold making is to design the mold. The design should include the dimensions, shape, and any other details needed to create the models.

Select the mold material:

The mold material is selected based on the product being made, the quantity needed, and the budget. The raw material we use is metal.

Create the mold pattern: The mold pattern is the model of the product that the mold will be based on. This pattern is typically made from metal.

Prepare the mold material: Once the mold pattern is complete, the mold material is prepared. This may involve heating the material or mixing it with other materials to achieve the desired properties.

Create the mold:

The mold material is then poured or injected into the mold pattern. The mold is then allowed to cool or harden, depending on the material used.

Remove the mold pattern:

Once the mold has cooled or hardened, the mold pattern is removed from the mold.

Finish the mold:

The mold is then finished by smoothing any rough edges or surfaces.

Test the mold:

Before the mold is used for production, it is tested to ensure that it produces the desired product with the correct specifications.


Once the mold has been tested and approved, it can be used for production. The material being molded is then poured or injected

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